Preventing Child Molestation


A Guide For A Concerned Parent

By: David Mandel, David Pelcovitz, Ph.D and Dr. Susan Schulman


Reprinted with permission from


Child molestation is a disease. The child molester is a sick person with an illness that he is unable to control or stop on his own. He has a preoccupation and a sexual desire for young children. In order to stop, he needs help through treatment, supervision or incarceration.

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Grieving With Children

It is our fervent wish that we never have to face tragedy of any type. Nevertheless, in the aftermath of the Har Nof atrocity and the terrible tragedies that preceded it, it has become abundantly clear that teachers (and parents) must be as prepared to help children with grief and loss as they are with their lesson plans. Full Article

A Mechanech’s Guide for Responding to Child Abuse


Based on an article written by: Debbie Fox, LCSW

Reprinted with Permission From Rayonos Magazine


In a family therapy session with Moshe Bergstein and his son Chaim (names have been changed), Moshe recalls the night he lost control over 15 years ago.


“We were going home from a late bar mitzvah,” he says. “I was pulling out of the parking lot when Chaim, my nine year old, and Dovid, who was seven, began to argue. They had spent the entire bar mitzvah running around with their cousins, and now, as we were about to embark on a two hour drive home, they were overtired and exhausted, and had no patience for each other. I repeatedly asked them to stop bickering, but Chaim couldn’t let up.

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The PIH Clinical Training Program


Program Overview:


Project Innocent Heart Clinical Training Program offers an extensive training program for select, licensed mental health professionals who are dedicated to working with victims of trauma and sexual abuse within the Jewish community. By providing training that integrates evidence‐based treatment approaches, state‐of‐the art trauma models, cultural competency and ongoing consultation, PIH trained professionals will be far better prepared to assist survivors of abuse. This will in turn increase the availability of skilled, community-based mental health services to individuals and families who have experienced sexual abuse. Project Innocent Heart is committed to foster greater expertise among our best clinicians so they may help heal the victims in our communities – one injured heart at a time. Full Article

Teaching Personal Safety to Your Child

There comes a time in every parents’ life when they are faced with difficult issues which are paramount to the personal growth of their children. These issues often place parents and their children in unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable situations. The most important thing to remember is that taking the time to talk with your children will only strengthen the bond between parent and child.


In many cases the personal safety issues that plague children can go undiscovered and unaddressed for years. A child has no way to communicate their problems if the atmosphere is not open to pointed and honest conversations about staying safe. Full Article

Teaching Children About Dealing with Strangers

Socializing and making friends should be a healthy part of any child’s development. How a child views the world plays a huge role in their ability to function among their peers. Children can be shaped and molded without creating fears that will impede their open and trusting nature. It is not about whom to trust as much as it is about learning how to respond to situations that become uncomfortable to children.


Unfortunately strangers can take the shape of teachers, authority figures and adults who seemingly need help. This scenario is a common occurrence: an adult pretends to be in need of help, or claims that the child’s family has instructed them to pick them up from school. Full Article