About Us

Who We Are

Project Innocent Heart is a community-based education initiative developed to help keep children safe by supporting those who care for them. As an organization borne from the neighborhoods affected by child maltreatment and abuse, Project Innocent Heart understands the sensibilities and particular needs of those that have until now had little or no help.

Our History

In late 2011 the State of New York granted Project Innocent Heart, in association with the Met Council of New York, initial funding to contend with the issue of child maltreatment in the Jewish community. The dedicated work of many devoted local leaders led by Assemblyman Dov Hikind had finally paid off, helping to give the community its most important tool in dealing with this difficult issue - hope.

Our Mission

At Project Innocent Heart we believe the first crucial step in keeping our children safe is to create awareness, sensitivity and knowledge on a community level. Our mission is simple: to safeguard our community from harm - one innocent heart at a time.

We perform our mission by asking questions and then teaching others to do the same. We also offer accurate information and professional support systems to those people who care for children.

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